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Commerical Asbestos Removal

Commercial Asbestos Removal

We are a recognised industry authority on Asbestos management and removal in residential, commercial and industrial situations. That’s why we provide Asbestos air testing checks as well as expert treatment, removal, and disposal of any area affected by Asbestos no matter the size or scope. As a trusted asbestos removal and demolition company, we work hard to deliver premium solutions to valued clients throughout the North Island, including Tauranga, Gisborne and Hamilton.

Keep yourself, your staff, and the public safe with minimal disruption to your business with our ongoing Asbestos management and monitoring plans.

Asbestos Removal in Soils

Civil/Soils Asbestos Removal

We identify Asbestos in soils, and are a licensed Asbestos removalist of contaminated soils.

All Asbestos waste and contaminated soil removal is disposed of as Asbestos waste in a place designated and approved for the purpose.

Asbestos Removal in Residential Homes and Houses

Residential Asbestos Removal

We manage the entire process of removing Asbestos from your home, from initial Asbestos identification and testing to complete removal, disposal, and remediation of Asbestos-containing materials such as roofing, flooring, insulation, and cladding.

We also supply post-removal Asbestos air monitoring and re-occupation certifications.

Waikato and The Bay of Plenty’s Asbestos Testing, Removal and Demolition Experts

Asbestos Solutions Ltd – Thorough, Certified Asbestos Testing, Disposal & Removal New Zealand-Wide

At Asbestos Solutions Ltd we have over 30 years of experience testing, managing, and disposing of Asbestos. A recognised industry authority on Asbestos across New Zealand, our qualified and highly trained Class A and Class B removalists help make the process of complying with your otherwise complex obligations under the new legislation – Health and Safety Act 2015 – a simple one.


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Asbestos Containing Materials

Does Your Home Or Business Contain ‘Asbestos Containing Materials’ (ACM)?

According to Worksafe New Zealand asbestos has been found in over 3000 building products.

The three most common types of Asbestos used in New Zealand are Chrysotile (white Asbestos) which is used in over 95% of products, Amosite (brown Asbestos), and Crocidolite (blue Asbestos). While it is more likely that Asbestos is present in certain building materials produced prior to 1970, it can not be assumed that there is no Asbestos present in newer builds without proper testing.


Complete Asbestos Removal

We Cover The Whole Testing and Removal Process From Start To Finish

The systems, procedures, and processes we have developed to manage your Asbestos project ensure that your staff and customers are kept safe with minimal disruption to your business.

1 Survey

The first part of our process is to have a sample and survey completed by our sister company Asbestos Risk Management Limited or another suitably qualified survey professional.

2 Costing

Following the survey work, with no obligation or cost, we are happy to provide you with removal or remediation costs.

3 Removal

We are a WorkSafe licensed Class A, Class B Removal Company.

4 Disposal

All asbestos waste is transported to a licensed Hazardous Waste landfills for burial.

5 Assessment

The final step of the process is an independent assessment of the property.

Knowledge Is Power

The widespread use of asbestos over the years is quite scary when you see the products that were available to consumers before we were educated about the dangers of asbestos.

Request an Appraisal

If you have concerns about asbestos at your property or commercial building, or require commercial asbestos encapsulation or disposal, leave your details with us and our certified asbestos experts will be in touch to discuss the likelihood of any asbestos hazards and the appropriate steps to take.

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