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The 5 Step Asbestos Removal Procedure & Disposal Process

Expert Testing, Removal & Disposal Of Asbestos Containing Materials In Just 5 Steps – For Clients Throughout The Bay Of Plenty, Waikato And Auckland

Asbestos Solutions pride themselves on having developed a process that delivers the best results for its customers, providing the safest and most hassle free way to test, manage and if required remove Asbestos from your home, business or land development site.

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1. Survey

The first part of our process is to have the building, site, land or other areas of concern sampled and surveyed, this can be carried out by our sister company Asbestos Risk Management Limited, we can either put you in touch with them directly or we can organise and manage this part of the process to provide you with a one-stop shop for your Asbestos management and removal requirements.

The asbestos surveying process identifies any asbestos containing materials that could be disturbed or that may require removal before refurbishment work or that may deteriorate over time.

Survey can mean a simple sampling report including laboratory analysis of material for minor works through to a more complex survey process with a report based on the accepted HSG 264 (UK) the survey guide just as removal work can be minor through to significant asbestos removal work.

There are three types of survey involving sampling and analysis to confirm the presence or absence of asbestos or asbestos containing material (ACM):

Management Survey – Minor intrusive work with minimal disturbance

The purpose of a Management Survey is to help the person managing the property to systematically identify and manage all asbestos in the workplace and in doing so meet their legal obligations as the person controlling the business or undertaking (PCBU) The building can be occupied while the survey is undertaken.

Management Plans

Once the Management survey and testing is complete a Management Plan is required identifying all findings of Asbestos along with any recommended actions that may be required. As added value to your Management Survey, we will provide an Asbestos Management Plan that the person running the business (PCBU) can use to inform staff and any trades people of any asbestos risk in the building. This assists in meeting the PCBU’s legal requirements.

Refurbishment Survey – Fully intrusive and disruptive work

The purpose of a Refurbishment Survey is to locate all asbestos containing materials (in the portion of the building where refurbishment is planned) that may be disturbed during the refurbishment – all materials must be identified so appropriate measures can be put in place to do the refurbishment safely eg. the removal of asbestos.
The area where the refurbishment is to be undertaken should not be occupied when the survey is undertaken.
Due to the invasive techniques used during refurbishment surveys, the area cannot be reoccupied after the survey until the areas where the samples were taken are made safe.

Demolition Survey – Fully intrusive and disruptive work

The purpose of a Demolition Survey is to locate all asbestos containing materials that may be disturbed during the demolition of the building – all materials must be identified so appropriate measures can be put in place to carry out the demolition safely ie. the removal of asbestos containing materials.
The building MUST NOT be occupied when the survey is undertaken.
Due to the invasive techniques used during demolition surveys these structures may, or, may not remain habitable. Please discuss your requirements with a surveyor.

Sample Testing

Samples taken during the survey inspection are analysed by an independent and accredited laboratory specialising in Asbestos analysing. The only way to provide certainty about whether a material contains asbestos is to test it – be wary of surveys that don’t have samples taken. The results of sample analysis are included in your survey results.

2. Costing

Following the survey work, with no obligation or cost, we are happy to provide you with removal, building demolition or remediation costs. Our quotations are “fixed price’ based on materials, time involved and the cost of waste disposal from the job. We can also arrange an independent “Licensed Assessor” on your behalf. The cost of their service will be included in our quotation as a separate line item.

3. Removal

We provide you with a WorkSafe licensed Class A, Class B Removal Company.
Telarc audit our Health and Safety Management System.
We are a quality Company that has been providing quality solutions involving Asbestos for more than 30 years.
We will assist you to minimise the impact that Asbestos Removal can have on your business.

We will confirm the scope of work with you, then draft the removal methodology and risk management requirements in to an Asbestos Removal Control Plan (ARCP). The Regulator is then notified of the timing and location of your asbestos removal (as required by law). The entire asbestos removal and clean-up is carried out in accordance with the Approved Code of Practice.

4. Disposal

All asbestos waste is sealed within two layers of polythene and transported to a licensed Hazardous Waste landfills for burial. We can provide evidence that asbestos waste from your site has been disposed of in accordance with legal requirements should you wish.

5. Assessment

The final step of the process is an independent assessment of the property carried out by an Independent Licensed Asbestos Assessor. They will provide a Re-occupation Certificate confirming that the area where the asbestos was removed is safe to reoccupy. This ensures you that the project has been completed to the highest standard.

Worksafe NZ maintain a register of Licensed Asbestos Removalists and Assessors.

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If you have concerns about asbestos at your property or commercial building, or require commercial asbestos encapsulation or disposal, leave your details with us and our certified asbestos experts will be in touch to discuss the likelihood of any asbestos hazards and the appropriate steps to take.