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Certified, Compliant Disposal Of Asbestos in Auckland

As a hazardous waste material, Asbestos needs to be disposed of with extreme caution. It can be a daunting task. That’s why whether you’re in Pukekohe, Rodney, or anywhere in Auckland, turn to our expert team here at Asbestos Solutions Ltd.

Improperly disposing of Asbestos can leave you susceptible to exposure to Asbestos particles and fibres, as well as potential fines or even legal prosecution. So when it comes time to dispose of this hazardous material, leave it to the experts here at Asbestos Solutions Ltd. We’re fully licensed and certified to WorkSafe New Zealand standards, and adhere to the Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) regulations 2016 to ensure the safe, legal disposal of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs).

Our skilled removalists can manage every step of the process, as they’re all highly trained Class A and Class B licensed operators in the removal and disposal of even the most hazardous of Asbestos waste materials.

Asbestos Disposal That Helps You Breathe Easy Again

The testing, identification, and removal of Asbestos isn’t where it stops. In fact, that’s only the start. Big or small, no job is too complex for our specialist removalists. We cover every step of the disposal process, from the proper bagging and transportation, through to disposal of all Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) such as roofing, insulation, ceilings, flooring and cladding at Auckland sites that comply with the Resource Management Act.

Our disposal process includes:

1. Bagging, Marking, & Identification

All Asbestos waste and handling materials are sealed within two layers of polythene as recommended by WorkSafe, before being transported to a licensed Hazardous Waste landfill for burial. This process includes the controlled wetting of materials to minimise emissions, ensuring bags are only half-filled to limit breakages, and emptying any excess air before properly marking and sealing with gooseneck ties.

2. Proper Handling Of Larger Materials

In order to avoid unnecessarily releasing additional, potentially harmful dust into the atmosphere, larger sections of Asbestos including pipes or sheeting are wrapped in polythene sheeting instead of being broken down or broken up.

3. Transportation & Disposal

As per requirements, we only dispose of Asbestos at authorised sites that comply with the Resource Management Act. We can provide evidence that Asbestos waste from your site has been disposed of in accordance with legal requirements should you wish.

Our Approach Makes The Disposal Process Easy-As

From bagging to transportation, we ensure all Asbestos is sealed and disposed of at a licensed Hazardous Waste landfill and buried as required by regulations. Once complete, you’ll receive certification your property is safe to live or work in from an independent licensed Asbestos assessor.

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